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Yamaha Studio Lord LP Style Guitar with spring loaded coil taps OHSC

  • $ 1,245.00

The Late 70's was the time that the Les Paul guitar was in high demand, the older the better, and Gibson at the time their products were very hit or miss! You either got really good ones or mediocre, well Yamaha and others rushed to build guitars that were somewhat more affordable and were very well made. This one has high output creme coil pickups like the dimarzios (may even be Dimarzios !) and has spring loaded coil tap switches like were installed in a certain popular guitarists guitar (Jimmy P)who was at their prime. This is a very well made guitar, and at this time Santana was using Yamaha guitars and that speaks volume of the quality ! This one is in 8.25 or better and comes with the original hardshell case. The Vintage guitar guide on these is very wrong !

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