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Nunez 59 LP Guitar Les Paul Replica

  • $ 4,750.00

Jim Nunez, was a Georgia luthier up until his death several years ago, and he made replicas of Gibson Les Paul guitars from the 50's and his own design of guitars as well as repair work. Jim was a nice guy who I only knew for a short time, this is one of his 59 Les Paul guitars he made as a tribute to those Gibson Guitars, these would almost fool an expert, the sunburst on this one is very reminsicent of the Hot Lanta Burst of Duane Allmans, as a matter of fact this may have been what he was doing was make a copy of that famous guitar as the top and the color of the burst is very close to Duane's. Come check this one out and play it just maybe your keeper ! Remember this is an all hand made Les Paul style guitar !

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