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Mod Brand Flanger Great budget pedal !

  • $ 45.00
  • Save $ 34

A great working and sounding Flanger that won't break the bank ! 

A flanger that can be turned down for subdued effects or escalated to out-of-this-world levels without eating up space or cash.

The ModTone Mini-Mod Flanger guitar effect is an amazingly affordable flanger option. The MTM-FL is encased in a strong metal chassis that is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and onto even the most crowded pedal board. 

Found in songs throughout all genres, from Hendrix to Kraftwerk, the flanger is arguably one of the most widely used modulation effects. The Mini-Mod flanger is a world-class effect that can be subtly transparent or cranked to tension-soaked extremes. A great fit for any pedal board and any budget, the ModTone Mini-Mod Flanger is sure to please.

  • Level, Rate and Depth knobs
  • 9V adapter or battery
  • 10-degree ergonomic tilt
  • 5-year warranty
  • True bypass

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