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Ibanez Alan Holdsworth Guitar AH 10 with original Pickup with Ibanez HSC

  • $ 1,295.00
  • Save $ 155

With the recent passing of Allan Holdsworth, the guitar world lost an innovator and a true virtuoso. Known for his legato style, and fat tone, Ibanez asked him to help them create the perfect instrument for him! This guitar  had the pickup replaced with a hot Humbucker and then the owner suddenly remembered where he put the original so we installed it back in the guitar where it belongs!  There are extra holes in the pickguard due to the footprint of the other pickup. Guitar is in overal 8.5 condition and comes with what I assume is the original Ibanez hardshell case, but it could just be an Ibanez Hardshell case for another one of their models that just happens to fit this guitar really nice !   

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