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Gretsch 1966-67 6123 Monkees Very Early One ...with OHSC

  • $ 3,500.00

Mike Nesmith of the Monkees is one of the most overlooked guitar heroes, He was an okay guitar player ..but we did not know it wasnt him playing all those licks on the Monkees records, and I know that I love 12 strings due to him and Dave Mason, but that is neither here nor there. This 6123 Monkees model, I believe this guitar was sent back to Gretsch to have the Grover tuning keys added due to the filled holes and the pickup swap in the neck (from the powertron it came with to the filtertron in it) , and it has also this one appears to have been black at one time, so maybe it is one of the earliest models ..I am not sure ...but it is a very cool and rather rare guitar and it does come with the original Hardshell case. The Neck has been reset and has had a refret at some point. We reset that bridge, to the right angle. On the back of the guitar are sploches which may have been repaired by the factory. Also this one just says Monkees Model on the emblem instead of Monkees Rock and Roll Model and there is an extra hole where the pickguard was moved. The other issue is it only has a three digit serial number ...172. It is a head scratcher but I have no doubt of its authenticity.

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