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Goodsell Super 17 MK IV with Tremelo and Reverb with Covers 212 Ragin Cajuns

  • $ 2,225.00

Who would have ever a thunk, that maybe the best tube, handwired amp being made anywhere, would come from Marietta GA ? Richard Goodsell, is a wiz and one of the nicest guys anywhere and his amps may look like others but they truly have their own sound. I called Richard about this amp, and he said it was really rare for a Super 17 to have vibrato and reverb! This one looks new and has really nice heavy vinyl covers for the head and the cabinet, which has two Eminence Patriot Ragin Cajun 12" speakers. Consider this taking care of two things ...ending your quest for the tone in your head and acquiring a one of a kind hand wired boutique amp and saving around 400.00 and change !

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