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Feiten Supernova Classic

  • $ 3,750.00
  • Save $ 850

Buzz Feiten is a multi talented artist, fine guitarist, and an innovative guitar builder. He is the one who came up with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, to better intonate a guitar in the open positions !  This Supernova Modern Vintage Classic, is the result of years of experience and going for more tone ! The pickups are unique in that, you can dial in one of the coils of each humbucker to your liking ! In other words, for each humbucking pickup one of the coils output can be increased or decreased ! A Zero fret and a nicer width of the neck, for more comfortable playing ! Straight string pull for great tuning stability !  This is a demo model ...retail price will be over  4000.00 once they go into full production! This one is a protype and is a killer playing and sounding guitar ! Comes in a nice hardshell case !

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