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Danelectro Mod 59 JP ...Limo Black with gig bag.

  • $ 399.00

These Reissue Danelectros are actually much better than the originals in many ways, the sound basically the same, the bridges are better and the tuning keys are much, much better! This one is modded like the one Jimmy Page played famously on Kashmir and White Summer when he was in Led Zeppelin. Page had the Leo Quan Badass bridge added to his to get it to intonate properly. The sound of the lipstick tube pickups is magical, and almost acoustic sounding and they love effect pedals ! This one is new with warranty and will come in a gig bag !  We keep these in stock and are constantly selling them as we are a Danelectro Dealer, so the serial number of the one you get may or may not be the one shown here in the pictures !

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