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All Fender Parts Partsacaster Stratocaster Amalfitano Pickups ! MIM Neck

  • $ 895.00

Sometimes the sum of the parts are more than the finish product would appear to be. The journey or the quest sometimes is finding the right body in the right color, with the right bridge, the perfect pickups, and a neck that fits your hand perfect, MIM necks to me are among the best that Fender makes, (the deluxe ones like this one!), and the perfect pickups are these Amalfitano pickups are the sweetest and most musical strat pickups I have ever heard. Will come with a nice gig bag. This is a players guitar, if you are looking for an original from Fender guitar this is NOT IT ! This one is a labor of love if you add up the parts if you bought them all on here .....250.00-300.00 for the body, 245.-285.00 for the neck, 75.00 for the bridge, 65.00 for the wiring harness, 325.00 for Amalfitano pickups, 55.00 for the tuners, 49.00 for the gig bag, and 100.00 for someone to wire it up and set it up ....then you see why it is priced the way it is ...This one has an American Body in Torino Red and a MIM neck from a 50's Classic Strat.

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