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1986 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman with OHSC 8.5 condition

  • $ 2,600.00

In the 80's Chet had left Gretsch and gone to work with Gibson, which was convenient since they had moved to Nashville Tennesee. He oversaw work on several of his old flagship models from Gretsch being turned into new Gibson models such as the Tennesean,Country Gentleman, and the SST steel string and nylon string acoustic electric models. This is a fine example of a Country Gentleman with the vibrato arm design by Chet himself, two humbucking pickups designed for increased clarity and articulation, and the red side markers. This one has some wear on the back that actually may buff out appears to be from like a leather vest of some kind or a strap. Comes with the Gibson HSC.

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