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1980 Gibson Firebrand 335 S Custom with HSC

  • $ 1,295.00

In the 80's all the guitar companies were in panic mode, these companies in garages in California, were making strat copies with one humbucker and one volume knob and a whammy bar ...were out selling the old standard guitar companies, so they set out to make more affordable guitars ....the Firebrand series consisted of the Paul, Firebrand SG and 335 S (solid), they had Dirty Fingers pickups and up graded hardware and tuners ....they sold okay but did not set the world on fire. This one has a great lineage and was purchased by an Atlanta music legend for his father in law. The finish has this oxidation from wear and being out of the case in the house on a stand ...needs to be buffed out. It is all original and will come in a Epiphone ES 339 case which fits it great !

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