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1966 Fender Princeton Reverb Cut Chassis in New Cab 12" speaker

  • $ 2,250.00

The blackface era, Fender tube amps are the standard all other amps are judged
by. This amp has been modified with a JB Newell Cabinet with a baffle board
that can accept a 12" speaker, and this one has the a really good sounding,
Eminence Speaker. All original transformers, has been recapped and retubed
and is ready for more guitar playing. Several high profile artists do this mod to
their princeton reverbs due to the increased bass response it gives this amp.
Rock Soul, jazz, blues or country music, this is the perfect amp for it ! The
chassis on this amp was cut just left of the Jewel, for some reason I was not
there when this decision was made. Very good sounding amp and also very
affordable vintage !

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