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Epiphone Chet Atkins Country Gentleman Signed by Chet Atkins ! Mid 1990’s MIJ Sunburst w HSC


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OPEN TO OFFERS!!!As far as I can tell this is a  Chet Atkins Country Gentleman by Epiphone made in Japan ……2005 is the only year they show as these being made in the 2022 Vintage Guitar guide however .. ….I have rechecked with the owner of this guitar and it was signed with a sharpie by Chet Himself at the Chet Atkins gathering in Nashville in either 95-96 These have american gibson pickups ….Weighs in at 8lbs 8oz on my bass master scale …so there is some mystery to this guitar ..and it is quite rare ..but it sounds and plays great …and it is a semi hollow body guitar with what appears to be a maple center block ! And no this is not one of the Korean made models …Epiphone, Gibson and Fender all make or made special runs of guitars for different stores at times and this is one of them ..we are in the process of restringing this and will be posting pics showing the pickup bottoms ..as I do believe these to be American Gibson Humbuckers in this guitar from the factory also the Headstock is unique as well ! 

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